Receive a $5,000 commission and we pay you $4,750.

Receive a $10,000 commission and we pay you $9,500.

The 5% we charge is less than many companies' royalty fee!

Chris Brand, Broker in Charge

Call/Text: 843-345-2932 Email:chrisbrand.broker@gmail.com



  1. FUNDS AVAILABLE in your bank account literally the day after closing! (provided paperwork is turned into the office)
  2. FREE E&O.
  3. FREE MEMBERSHIP to our Exclusive Facebook Group  for members of our Group to stay connected with.
  5. FREE Direct Deposit After Closings.
  6. FREE easy to use system to electronically turn in paperwork to real estate office.
  7. 18" x 24" SIGN INSERTS: $5.00 each including shipping to your home.
  8. BUSINESS CARDS: $20.00 for 500 including shipping to your home.
  9. Ability to be a member of more than 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the major Multiple Listing Services in South Carolina. (read more below)
  10. Our new name results in fresh branding for you and your Clients!


Corporate Office - Mailing Address - Broker Office

Agent Locations:

Private office space for client meetings, scanning services, fax services, copying services available by a la carte pricing.

Charleston, SC

Columbia, SC

Greenville, SC           

Our Offices & Multiple Listing Services

We have 5 different LLR Offices

  1. The Carolina Agent Group - Lowcountry (Charleston Area)
  2. The Carolina Agent Group - Grand Strand (Myrtle Beach Area)
  3. The Carolina Agent Group - Midlands (Columbia Area)
  4. The Carolina Agent Group - Upstate (Greenville/Spartangburg Area)
  5. The Carolina Agent Group  (NO MLS)

See http://agentinfo.co/ for more information on MLS pricing etc.


Ready to Join?

Fill out and email sign up sheets to chrisbrand.broker@gmail.com. Also  do not forget to transfer yourself to correct LLR office as well when doing this. (See Above)

Experienced BIC at The Carolina Agent Group

Chris Brand, Broker-in-Charge, began his career in 2001 and has more than 15 years of experience in real estate sales and management. Chris was the SOLE FOUNDER of South Carolina's original 100% Real Estate Company, BRAND NAME REAL ESTATE and acted as Broker-in-Charge at this company from 2004 to March of 2016. He strives to help his agents and has supervised well over a billion dollars of properties being sold. Approximately 5,000 closings. 


Chris Brand the Broker in Charge is here to coach you as needed so that you can be as successful as you would like to be. Chris does not use a one-sized-fits all model when coaching his agents as he knows that not all agents are motivated by the same things and that not all agents enjoy the same type of activities.

Chris Brand will help his agents find whatever tools they need to accomplish their goals and on their budget.‚Äč

If you would like to spend the money for a serious lead generation website with a CRM and all of that please consult with Chris Brand the Broker in Charge of The Carolina Agent Group after joining and he will be happy to point you towards the right vendors.

Commissions Owed to Agents

Payment after deposit

Commissions owed to our agents will be direct deposited to our agent's bank accounts the next business day provided paperwork is turned into the office. Monies will be available in our account the same day due to our cutting edge technology.

Depositing of Commission Checks from Attorney

Wiring instructions can be emailed to closing attorney.

Turning in Closing Documentation to Broker-in-Charge

An email address will be provided to all of our agents to send us paperwork which is required to be kept on file by the state as it  comes in. We ask that the property address and then the agents name be put in the subject line. 

No risk of lost business if you are dissatisfied

What do we mean by this?  If you decide to leave this real estate group for any reason at anytime, you can do so without any risk to your current business.  We will not retain any of your listings, contacts, leads or other business/marketing information and we will pay you the same on pending contracts.  What’s yours you take with you.  All we ask is that you are paid in full through the end of the month during the last month you have a closing with our Brokerage and that any paperwork due to the office is turned in.


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Our Office Policy
Sign Up Sheets for All Agents
Extra Paperwork for Columbia MLS

Contact Chris Brand BIC

Call/Text: 843-345-2932

Email: chrisbrand.broker@gmail.com